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Long-Term Care Insurance

Many people think of Nursing Homes when they hear the term Long-Term Care Insurance. Nursing Home care is just a part of Long-Term Care. Long-Term Care Insurance helps cover the cost of not only Nursing Home care but also helps with Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospice Care.

None of us like to think about the fact that we may need help performing every day living activities. The reality is we all have a very high probability of needing Long-Term Care at some point in our life and the costs associated with this care can be very high.

A Long-Term Care situation can be financially devastating. Preparing for the expense associated with this care by protecting yourself with Long-Term Care Insurance is a very important part of financial planning. But you have to plan ahead. Waiting until health issues arise to apply for a plan may be too late. The younger and healthier you are when you apply for a Long-Term Care plan the less expensive the premiums may be and the more likely you will be approved for a policy.

In the 20 years I have been in the Long-Term Care Insurance business I have seen several people benefit from the Long-Term Care policies I helped them get. I would like to help you too.

Get the facts!

1. Is Long-Term Care Insurance is something you need?
2. Am I healthy enough to qualify for a plan?
3. Can I afford a Long-Term Care plan?
4. How do I design a plan to fit my needs and budget?
5. If I don’t have Long-Term Care Insurance and need Long-Term Care what will it cost me?
6. What happens if I need care and don’t have a policy?

We can help you answer these and other questions.

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